The Hobe Sound Fine Arts League is a registered non-profit organization 501 (c) 3.

Deborah Monet, President 2018-19

Deborah Monet, President 2018-19

Hobe Sound Fine Art League




Hello Art Fans,



Just recently, I was honored with the role of President of the Hobe Sound Fine Arts League. Welcome to our website. It is our pleasure to bring you into the local art scene. Whether you are an amateur or professional we would enjoy your company as a new member joining in the fun and learning through our classes, workshops, and demonstrations. I too am an amateur painter and loving being part of such a wonderful group of people.


When I first moved to Hobe Sound in 2005 I didn't know there was such a supportive network of artist living here. The HSFAL art gallery and studio is neatly tucked away in the Market Place at Hobe Sound, so I didn't notice it until recently. I had just moved from Zurich, Switzerland where I had lived for twenty years studying European and American art. As an American ex-patriot living overseas I could not pass up the opportunity to travel throughout the various countries visiting the vast number of museums, exhibitions, temples, ancient and modern architecture, and viewing the works of our most famous artists in history. All the way from Istanbul, Turkey where I wrote a piece on the Hagia Sophia and took many slides to send back to CSUC for the Art History Department for use in classes, to the Island of Delos, Greece with its ancient amphitheater and statues, to Denmark's array of museums, to the Art Basel art show in Switzerland, art was my main focus in life. I spent months in Italy. I hit every country for long periods of time. I went to London, Spain, Holland, France, and Germany. I learned German and French. When I had first showed up in Europe I had a suitcase and my art supplies, a college student with a passion for art. Even though I was submerged in the world of artists (and finally getting my own atelier over an old Swiss farmhouse), I was constantly homesick. Visiting family back here in the States wasn't enough, so I moved back.


You can imagine my delight when I discovered the Hobe Sound Fine Arts League off to the side of the Win Dixie Shopping Market in the strip mall. I walked to the window and saw several happy faces painting away. Once inside everyone made me feel so welcome. I started taking classes over the summer, I was invited to meetings so I could meet other teachers and art students. It turns out the League has been around since 1984 and not only do members have classes, we raise funds through luncheons called “Advancements for the Arts” to help support local public-school teachers buy supplies for students. We have raised over $30,000 to supplement the art department at five schools. The Luncheon in itself is a lot of fun with its silent auction, prize baskets, exhibition of students work, teacher's speeches, great food, ambiance. This year we had around a 100 people at the beautiful Lost Lake Golf Club Restaurant.


We also hold art shows of our own. In our gallery members can hang paintings, enjoy an Ape'ro party, and show off our best work in a judged competition for oil and watercolor paintings. There is a children's program too. We celebrate together at local restaurants during the holiday season and end of spring season to say goodbye till the fall for those leaving for the summer. But what impresses me the most is the willingness of members to help each other. This is why I am happy to be home again.


Please feel free to come in and visit. You can also look through the window and see the latest paintings we have learned to create. We really hope to see you there.


Debra Maria Monet, HSFAL President



The Hobe Sound Fine Arts League, previously known as The Art League of Hobe Sound, was formed on January 23, 1984 with the following members: Dolores Alchermes Zapatelli, Rosalie Becht, Charlotte Denniston, Evelyn Gaio, Margaret Matlock, and Jean Seewald. The league held their meetings in the St. Christopher’s Parish hall.

The decision to incorporate was made in November 1985. From the beginning, a professional artist gave the League members a monthly demonstration in the artist specialty.

The original Gallery space was obtained in April of 1987, and opened publicly the following September. This provided the members with a place to exhibit there art. At the same, time, the art instruction program was instituted and classes in various art media were opened to members as well as the general public. Our new Gallery space was obtained in 1996.

Mission Statement

  • To enhance the knowledge, creativity, and skills of local artists through classes, workshops, and demonstrations.

  • To promote art through monthly Artist of the Month shows, outdoor art fairs, exhibits in community locales, and participation in community events.

  • To support young artists through special funding/scholarships and youth programs..


The membership is made up of amateur and professional artists as well as those who appreciate art and support the League’s endeavors.


The Hobe Sound Fine Arts League is registered as a non-profit organization 501 (C-3).


OFFICERS 2018 - 2019

President                                              Debra Monet

1st Vice President                                 Donna Baker

2nd Vice President                               

Secretary                                             Pat Orzack

Treasurer                                              Peggy Scott

Corresponding Secretary                       Kathy Pitts



Exhibits Coordinator                          Carol Kepp

Field Trips                                          Pat Orzack

Gallery Manager/Supplies                   Kathy Pitts


Hostesses                                          Marjorie Bornstein

Membership                                       Linda Giese

Publicity                                            Kelli Moore  

Webmaster                                       Neil Capozzi

Fundraiser luncheon                         Ed Douglas

Fundraiser Committee Susan Fowler/Linda Giese

Workshops/Programs                        Mary Neal/Carol Kepp

Grant Application Mary Neal/Carol Kepp



Debra Monet                          Peggy Scott                          

Pat Orzack                             Donna Baker            




Delores Alchermes Zapatelli               1984-1986

Evelyn Gaio                                        1986-1987

Rosalie Russo                                     1987-1989

Dorothy Johnson                                1989-1990

Doris Turnbaugh                                 1990-1991

Eleanor Becker LeMaster                     1991-1992

Laura Jensen                                      1992-1993

Regina Rudolph                                  1993-1994

Cynthia Wilson                                    1994-1996

Wilma Schmidt                                   1996-1998

Anne Modugno                                   1996-1999

Edmund Warren                                 1999-2001

Mary Martinello                                   2001-2003

Palma Spiegel                                     2003-2005

Angela LoTufo                                     2005-2008

Carol Kepp                                          2008-2011

Mary Neal                                           2012-2018



Jean Seewald                        

Evelyn Gaio